1 DB + 1 KB = 1 Killer Workout

Posted on August 31st, 2021 to Workout Wednesday

Hi Folks!

Hope you all are awesome. 

The battle of the Dad Bod continues and I am loving the results. 

I just destroyed the below and encourage people to give it a go!

Wednesday Workout

3 Rounds 

A1) RDL’s with a Fat Grip DB and a KB X 20 reps

A2) Fat Grip DB Thrusters X 5 reps per side

A3) Fat Grip DB Suitcase Squats X 5 reps per side

A4) Lateral Lunges X 20 reps

A5) Fat Grip DB Snatches X 5 reps per side

A6) Fat Grip DB Rows X 10 reps per side

A7) Fat Grip DB Zottman Curls X 5 reps per side


Push-ups X 50 reps

Swings X 50 reps

Hope you enjoy!

Much love,


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