Crushing at The Fitness Summit

Posted on May 4th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

     It’s humbling to think about these past few days and the caliber of people we were fortunate enough to meet and crush with. An event consisting of nearly 200 of the world’s leading coaches and fitness professionals felt more like a homecoming event than a weekend of lectures and note taking.
     People spoke from their hearts, and as importantly, from their experiences, particularly their failures. Their willingness to focus on what they did wrong, as opposed to what they do right, was insightful and authentic. World record holders sat and listened to fellow world record holders. Not many events can claim to have this type of condensed dominance.
     It would be too much for me to ask you to read all of the takeaways from this weekend, so instead, I’m going to list the lessons that I will be applying to my own wellness regimen and corporate best practices going forward.
1. Replace one meal per day with a shake.
2. Move More & Eat Less. Bring my caloric intake down by at least 500 calories and move more to burn more.
3. Train at a minimum of 300 minutes per week. A healthy mix of aerobic and resistance training. No excuses.
4. Leaning out will fix a lot of problems so it is time to drop 10-15% of my bodyweight.
5. Anything you intend to do, be honest with yourself and confirm that it is sustainable. Wellness is a journey. 
6. Incorporate more band training with deadlift work, for adding weight and for correction techniques.
7. As mentioned before, the act of leaning out will help resolve a lot of health issues, so will getting stronger. Lift heavy things with good technique and you will improve your overall health. 
8. It is very possible and encouraged to increase strength without working until failure.
Work up to a point at which you feel you can get 2-3 more solid reps and stop. 
9. Commit to one task for 25 minutes during your work days. Take a 5 to 10 minute break and walk around, repeat throughout your day. Your work efficiency and capacity will steadily improve/increase.
10. Sleep. Just fucking do it. Without adequate sleep you will turn into a fat asshole.
11. No matter what business you are in, do not flood your customers with too much information. Little nuggets of knowledge are perfect.
12. People are going to be trolls, ignore them and move on.
13. The art of saying no is a critical skill that needs to be learned sooner rather than later.
14. Before performing a movement, ask yourself if it is safe and truly applicable to what you are training for. 
15. Is whatever I’m about to do right now, something that Tony Gentilcore, Pete Dupuis, and/or Mark Fisher would do? Because if it isn’t, you probably shouldn’t do it.
16. If you can’t touch your biceps to your ears, or put your palms on the floor while keeping your legs straight, you need to work on your joint function and mobility. 
     I would list more, but then I would be violating knowledge nugget 11.
     Have a killer day and get better.
     Hugs & Deadlifts,
P.S. It is only safe to ride in the trunk of a car when Dean Somerset is in the front to help counterbalance the weight.
P.S.S. It is not ok to send petite female mannequin feet to someone you have yet to meet in person. My apologies Nick Bromberg. 

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