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Posted on June 5th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

It is crazy to think that it has been less than one year since we started our online retail shop. We like to think that our product speaks for itself and wins people over with its functionality and durability. 

In full transparency we do not pay anyone to review our products. We trust in what we produce, how we produce it and that people will continue to speak positively of their experience with our brand.

Below are a mix of testimonials and articles that we have had the honor of being mentioned in from some of the top coaches in the country. We encourage you to share your Pedestal experience with us so that we can always work to improve both the product and our process.

From Bret Contreras aka The Glute Guy:

I prefer to deadlift barefoot, but I don’t like dirtying up my feet or quickly ruining my socks. Enter Pedestals – they’re perfect for the job. They’re durable, and they can be worn during warm-ups, deadlifts, jumping, or the entire training session for that matter. I support Pedastal Footwear’s mission.

From How to Beast: “These are fucking dope!”

From Dr. Joel Seedman crushing some Bulgarian Split Squats in his Pedestals!

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky of “Favorite socks to workout in!”

Tell us your experience by emailing us at Brendan or Mike and be entered to win a free pair of Pedestals!


Keep Building Your Base!


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