Functionally Irrefutable

Posted on June 8th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

Nowadays, the word “problem” and “fitness industry” are related much like the correlation between body fat percentage and shirtless selfies. Much of the problem stems from ignorance and ego. 

We have found a problem in the training space that we are willing to attack. While our mission at Pedestal is ongoing and always an uphill battle, we truly believe that the paradigm will shift in our favor very soon. 

What is this shift you are asking? It is a shift from trainers/health clubs/gyms that see their members/clients as merely a dollar sign to actual human beings that want to move/feel/look their best. 

Before you start contemplating how hard of a task that is, I wanted to share some insight with you. It is actually quite easy to create this change and it starts with putting natural function first. Instead of being pimps for brands that do nothing other than put some change in our pockets, we must first ask if their concept is functionally irrefutable. 

In order for a brand in the fitness industry to be functionally irrefutable it must get back to the basics of anatomy. In our most natural state, our bodies are also the strongest. Most of us were lucky enough to be born with everything we need to be the best version of ourself. Funny how that works, yet some brands will tell you differently because otherwise they would be out of business.

We have the support from some of the most decorated professionals in the industry. Decorated in that they understand what it really means to have the clients best interests in mind.

To be fully transparent, all we have done is reach out to individuals and ask for a review of our products. We don’t pay them simply because the best in the industry would not actually take payment to review a product they truly believe in. In fact  they are happy to support however they can. Why? Because both Brendan and I can sleep easy when we put our head down to rest at night. This is because we know full on that we provide products that only benefit the long term health of the end user.

We are functionally irrefutable. 

With Love,



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