Building a Base

Posted on November 22nd, 2014 to Barefoot Training

Like the animal you are

Why is it that you can walk into any gym in the country and someone is walking around in socks? Lets face it, those who frequent gyms understand the benefits of wearing next to nothing on their feet. Do you wear ski boots to play basketball or bowling shoes to ice skate? Then why are you wearing traditional running shoes to workout?

For most of us, the gym is that time to get in the zone and put everything else in your life to the side for the few minutes you have to yourself in the day. Have you ever thought of the day to day beating you put on your feet? Between cramming them into your dress shoes and having your toes bunched up like MBTA at 5:30pm to the band aid approach of using orthotics. Why not allow your feet to feel free and wake up one of the most nerve rich parts of the body? This is what we are striving to do with Pedestal Footwear and allow the user to build a strong base from the ground up.

We are the first company to designate their mission to providing gym-specific footwear. Let’s bring it back to how it is supposed to be. All natural and pure savage, unless of course you wear gloves to workout as well.

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