The #DitchYourShoes #BOOMSHAKALAKA Workout

Posted on April 30th, 2018 to Barefoot Training

We know the most valuable commodity is time and we never seem to have enough.

That said, we chose four movements and paired them back to back to create what we think is a killer workout.

We hope you enjoy!

The #DitchYourShoes #BOOMSHAKALAKA Workout:

10 Minutes – As many rounds as possible (rest as needed)

A1) Deadlift – 6 reps at 70-75% of your 1RM


A2) Split Squats – 8-10 reps per side (focus on breathing and controlling each rep)

ARE YOU MAKING THIS SPLIT SQUAT MISTAKE?? – What’s up Achievers, @jasonlpak here talking split squats! When performing split squats or stationary lunges, this subtle mistake may actually have uncomfortable consequences! – On the way up from the bottom of the split squat, you want to make sure you don’t overly-aggressively lock out the back leg. This can cause your lower back to go into extension which can lead to some low back discomfort over time. – Instead, allow your back leg to remain slightly bent or relaxed, and focus on extending the front leg fully. This will put you in a more optimal top position and will allow you to more easily maintain a neutral spine! – We hope this tip helps! Double tap if it does, and leave any questions in the comments section below! Until next time, peace, love, and muscles!✌️???????? . . . #splitsquats #lunges #lunge #fitness #fittips #fitfam #exercise

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10 Minutes – As many rounds as possible (rest as needed)

B1) Turkish Getup – 4 reps (2 per side)


B2) T-Bar Rows – 10-12 reps 

A well executed row always starts with a solid base. #repost @thefitfoundry #ditchyourshoes #buildyourbase ・・・ T-Bar Rows are awesome but the price of a T-Bar machine isn’t ????so here’s a good variation using a landmine attachment. – Stand about 12-18inch behind the plates set your feet and hips as if setting up for a deadlift. Hips above knees but below shoulders. Lift the weight off the group slightly while maintaining a neutral spine and toe the weight to your chest making sure you lead with the shoulder blades coming around the rib cage. When done place bar back under control and don’t slam it down like you don’t have manners ????. Check it out, let us know what you think ???? . . . . . . . #Hoboken #hobokenfitness #row #lats #bodybuilding #pedestalfootwear #performbetter #nycfitness #jerseycity #jerseycityfitness

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Thank you all for ditching your shoes!

Much Love,

The Pedestal Guys

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