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Posted on October 20th, 2015 to Barefoot Training



I’ve had the privilege to work with some really cool brands over my career that have ultimately shaped our approach with Pedestal.

If there is one single action that we take to ensure we build a loyal brand, it is to let our customers know we genuinely care and want them to feel special.

We are definitely unique in that no one else offers a product specifically like ours. That being said, we need to take steps to make our customers feel appreciated or we will never earn their trust and loyalty. Loyalty = Business.  

I’m proud of what we have done thus far, not just in terms of sales, but in the way in which we made our customers feel and to the extent at which our product has traveled. 

In three months our product has been shipped to 25+ states and 13 countries, to CrossFit Boxes, Elite Powerlifting Gyms, Yoga Studios, and Boxing clubs all over the world. 

We truly cater to all activities because minimalist barefoot training, under most circumstances, is the most beneficial way to train. 

We will never be everything to everyone, however we will always offer the best quality products with the best customer experience. 


It was funny, anytime we would see an order come through we would text one another and say something along the lines of “Do you know (insert customers name)?”. We both figured it had to be someone we knew personally or an extended family member. This reality that someone we didn’t know was coming to our website and purchasing our product was so unbelievable that we were in shock. 

One thing that Brendan and I first agreed on was that we would write handwritten thank you cards to our customers. Now just a couple months into it, I have to say it is hands down my favorite part of the process. 

In the eCommerce business you might never meet your customer and that is quite crazy. In order to build a better picture and understanding of who they are and where they are from we openly encourage all of our customers to share their Pedestal journey with us.

We both look forward to writing many more thank you cards and cultivating savages all around the globe. 


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