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Posted on October 26th, 2015 to Barefoot Training

This week we wanted to touch upon one term that get’s thrown around a lot. It’s the term “functional” fitness. 

In other words, how does what you are doing in the gym apply to the rest of your life? 

Our mission at Pedestal is to get people training the right way, which of course is the natural way. By naturally, we mean with ones own body and nothing helping. More specifically, no belt, no wraps, no straps, no chalk and no Olympic lifting shoes. 

Let me give you a scenario..

You are heading off to work when all of a sudden the car in front of you swerves out of control and rolls over. Do you go home and grab your belt and “Oly” lifting shoes and then return to the scene? Or do you just hop out of your car and use all your might and natural strength to help the person? I would hope your answer is the latter. 

You see the point… 

You should be training at the gym in the same manner in which you go about your everyday life. This is unless of course you walk around with your weight belt, straps and platform shoes on at all times. 

In another scenario, lets talk numbers…

Lets say John Doe can max deadlift 405 pounds at 190 BW with a belt and wrist straps. Now, we take John Doe and we say you can’t use either of those things but I want to slowly progress each week or two weeks from 315lbs. So it would look something like this:

Week 1: 315lbs for X reps

Week 2: 335lbs for X reps

Week 3: 355lbs for X reps

Week 4: 375lbs for X reps

Week 5: 395lb for X reps

Week 6: Test Max- 405.

Lets say after 6 weeks John Doe hits the same 405 mark that he did 6 weeks ago, but with no wraps and straps. Would you say John Doe has become a stronger person than he was just 6 weeks ago? The answer is a simple, yes. His grip, core, and total body strength has increased even though it was the same weight. 

Here at Pedestal we want to get people training completely raw. Get them thinking about moving efficiently, building strength one step at a time, and being the savage human being that they are!


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