Cultivating Savages

Posted on November 18th, 2015 to Barefoot Training

With a simple search on the internet, scrolling through social media pages, and a few email exchanges, people can begin to forge a “relationship” with someone they have never met. Although the face to face connection can never be duplicated (yes, this includes video calling), we can still build a decent depiction of someone based on our virtual connection.  

Encouraging social sharing is something we really stand by here at Pedestal. As an e-commerce business, we recognize that we may never get to physically meet our customers (if someone could come up with a cost efficient way to do this I would). Instead, we can do some creative things to help put a face to a name and build a solid collage of savages doing savage things. 

Thus far, social media has been great for us, however we recognize that some of our customers are on certain social media platforms and not on others or just aren’t on social in general. In order to still include them, I openly ask all of our customers to share photos and content with me via email.

Our customers drive the business, so we want to fill our site and social with various things they provide (pictures, reviews, success stories, feedback). If we had it our way, we would post our customers crushing it multiple times a day and cultivate a community of people who understand our mission.



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