What is no BS lifting?

Posted on January 13th, 2016 to Barefoot Training


This week I wanted to address is the amount of bullshit that exists in the fitness arena. What in the fuck happened to just getting out of bed and absolutely murdering a workout? (F-Bomb was to highlight my passion about this subject. Hopefully you felt that).

That person that has their gym bag stuffed full of all sorts of crap (wrist wraps, belt, chalk, protein, pre-workout, straps, platform shoes, gloves, jock strap and whatever the hell else). I constantly wonder why they even come to the gym when they can just hoist their bag over their head 5 times and it would be way more productive than their current routine. 

Maybe I am completely off here and sound like an utter douche bag, but I’ve always been the type of person that gets to the gym, moves some shit, and then goes home. I’m very particular about my sleep and try my best to get 8 hours in. It seems like a pretty simple formula…

Sleep, eat, and workout.

There are obviously certain nuances and warm ups that take place but being a gear junkie has never been my thing. You may be thinking, “Well isn’t Pedestal considered additional gear?” To that I would say we stand to move people in the opposite direction. Go back to the most natural state and train like the animal you are. 

Beyone and Jay-Z said it best in ’03 Bonnie and Clyde…”All I need in this life of lifting sin is me and my Pedestals”…

Think about how much easier we are making your life, you no longer have to lug all of that other shit with you and we stand to uncover the full body benefits of barefoot training. 

So leave the other stuff at home, hop out of bed and be excited to crush a workout in your Pedestals. Remember…everything is better raw!

Here is a video of me practicing what I preach the other morning. Jumped out of bed and pulled a no BS 505. (Note: My trainer, Tony says I need to get my weight back more). 


























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