Brendan’s Favorite Movements in his Pedestals

Posted on January 20th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

       My practice in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu started nearly six years ago and it forever changed the way I look at training. 
       It is no secret that any type of training methodology that has a heavy emphasis on body control, grip strength, and mobility, when practiced consistently and at a relatively high level, will yield some killer results. 
       Though I can not practice my Jiu Jitsu in my Pedestals, these are some of my favorite movements in the gym that have some serious carryover to my sport. 
       We have been lucky enough to have several of the most sought after strength coaches in the country post videos of themselves crushing in their Pedestals.
1. Ladder Drills with Stadium Performance
       Great way to warm up and get the feet firing and the nuerological system primed.


2. Turkish Get-Ups with Brendan, Pedestal Co-Founder
       A staple in my routine and something not to be done for too many reps. Less is more with the Turkish Get-Up.


3. Kettlebell Swings & High Pull with Eric from Iron Body Studios
       Eric does an awesome job of demonstrating the double kb swings and high pulls. What makes me even happier is that he does them in sets of 5 reps each which is an awesome way to warm up for the next movement…


4. Deadlift with Christa from Tuff Girl
       Christa crushes a narrower stance sumo deadlift here and it never fails to fire me up. Perfect way to Build Your Base.


5. Muscle Snatch with BJ, Fitness Director of Men’s Health
       BJ is as Savage as they come. As one of the fittest men on earth and the Fitness Director for Men’s Health, he sets the standard for health & wellness education and passion. The muscle snatch is a perfect way to start or end any workout depending on your weight and rep schemes.


Thank you for reading Savages!

Hugs & Deadlifts,


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