Neural Charge Workout in my Pedestals

Posted on February 17th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

     As athletes and businessmen trying to revolutionize the sock game, it is easy to get sidetracked and ignore the very passions that got us to this point.
     Frequent travel and running lean can often leave me feeling burned out and craving my tempur pedic more than the weight room. Luckily the savages of T-Nation put together a killer routine a few years back that they call Neural Charge Training,
     The routine is more of a warm-up or a system stimulator and has brought me back to life more times that I can count. The movements themselves are nothing new or revolutionary and may even seem redundant, but I promise you will finish feeling better than when you started.
     It starts with 3-5 broad jumps with the intention of improving rep after rep. The elevated plyo push-up is next for 3-5 reps with the goal of getting more height each time. The third movement is the med ball slam, or in my case an aggressive dumbbell chop, for 3-5 reps. The finisher is perhaps one of the best indicators of power and athleticism, the vertical leap. The vertical is to be performed for 3-5 reps with the goal of jumping as high as possible with full extension each time.
     The amount of time between reps and time between movements should be conducted in a manner that encourages improvement. At no point should you be huffing and puffing. Your last and final reps should feel like your best. I typically perform 4 to 6 rounds based on how I feel in that moment.
     The goal of this sequence is to get your body firing on all cylinders. I use it to start my day in anticipation of a long working hours and my usual BJJ class in the evening. I also use it to finish my day and often incorporate a Kettlebell routine or simple push/pull complex to get a little more out of myself.
     Simplicity, consistency, effectiveness, and duration are ultimately what keep me coming back and there is no doubt it will remain steadfast in my training arsenal.
     Perform it in your Pedestals and let us know how you feel and what you think!


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