9/11 Tribute Workout

Posted on September 11th, 2021 to Our Workouts

Good Morning Folks,

It feels like yesterday when the towers were attacked.

I was having breakfast at a greasy spoon spot in Marion, MA and watched what would start a 20 year war.

As a senior in high school I had no idea what this meant but it made me angry. Classmates of mine were personally impacted by the death of loved ones and friends went on to join the military.

Now more than ever I recognize and appreciate the sacrifices our troops make in order for us to be able to do the things that we love.

A tribute workout will never scrape the surface of what is owed to our troops, but I hope in some small way it serves as acknowledgement and appreciation for all that they do.

Below is the WOD that a lot of CrossFit facilities do and below that is the version I performed with what limited equipment I have access to.

9/11 Tribute WOD

  • For Time
  • 2001 meter Run
  • 11 Box Jumps (30/24 in)
  • 11 Thrusters (125/85 lb)
  • 11 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
  • 11 Power Cleans (175/115 lb)
  • 11 Handstand Push-Ups
  • 11 Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5 pood)
  • 11 Toes-to-Bars
  • 11 Deadlifts (170/115 lb)
  • 11 Push Jerks (110/75 lb)
  • 2001 meter Row

Brendan’s Version

  • For Time
  • 2001 meter Run
  • 11 Box Jumps
  • 11 KB Thrusters
  • 11 Pull-Ups
  • 11 KB Cleans
  • 11 Push-Ups
  • 11 Kettlebell Swings
  • 11 TGU’s
  • 11 KB Deadlifts
  • 11 KB Push Jerks
  • 2001 meter Run

Be sure to thank your troops and show your friends and family some love today.

Much Love,


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