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Posted on March 4th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

It’s Friday and it has been an exciting couple weeks for us at Pedestal.


I had the pleasure of attending Mark Fisher’s Motivation & Movement Lab in NYC and it was killer. 3 of the 8 keynote speakers are Pedestal Ambassadors which is crazy to think about given how young our company is. Every single coach and speaker in attendance agreed that barefoot work is a must for any client regardless of fitness level.



Above is a picture of Tony’s talk about Assessing Our Assessment. It was funny, authentic, inspiring, and educational. The biggest takeaways for me was his idea of not needing to win a conversation and that by getting strong you will address and “self-fix” most if not all of whatever physical deviations you may be suffering from. As you can see in the picture, squatting can solve a lot of the world’s problems.



At Pedestal we have always made it our mission to make barefoot training cool and we have started to do this by working with the high schools and colleges we attended and have connections with. If you feel that our Pedestals would bring value to your Alma Mater don’t hesitate to let us know. Above is a picture of some fellow Amherst teammates who I would like to thank for spreading the Pedestal mission one plaid shirt at a time.


Our Passion for Pedestal is uncompromising and we promise to always provide the best homegrown products. You all make what we do possible and we will be forever grateful.


In the words Amherst Head Football Coach EJ Mills, “CRANK IT!”


Hugs & Deadlifts,





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