Battle Ropes

Posted on March 21st, 2016 to Contributors

Happy Spring Savages! With the warm weather around the corner, Greg goes over the battle ropes and its many benefits. Time to get shredded in your Pedestals!
Here is Greg’s explanation and video:
“The Battle rope is one of my all time favorite conditioning workouts. One of the main reasons why I love implementing the battle rope into my conditioning routine is because its low impact and doesn’t put too much stress on the joints all while still giving you a killer workout. Its also a great functional training tool. It helps you learn to apply force through the ground, through your core and out of your extremities. If you want to use the ropes for endurance choose a work to rest ratio like 45:15 and perform an exercise at a moderate speed such as a two arm wave. If you are shooting for power, try going with a shorter but even work to rest ration like 20:20. The two arm slam is a great power exercise to use with this ratio. Check out the video below for some great battle rope variations to try out in your next routine.”
Key Points
Apply force through the ground
Keep your core engaged and tight


Exercise Order
1. Alternating wave
2. Two Arm Wave
3. Alternating Slam
4. Two Arm Slam
5. Two Arm Lateral Wave
6. Two Arm Circles
7. Rope Jacks
8. Alternating Wave Squat
9. Alternating Wave Reverse Lunge
10. High Plank Single Arm Wave
11. Russian Twist Slam




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