A few of our favorite Pedestal Movements!

Posted on January 24th, 2020 to Barefoot Training

Hello Pedestal Community!

Thank you for your continued support. We love seeing all of you crush in your Pedestals. 

We wanted to share a few of our favorite recent Pedestal videos with you to hopefully serve as some motivation and inspiration. 

Check out the below and let us know what you think!

Pedestal Deadlift Warm-Up & Recovery 

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We know Monday’s can can rough, so give this Supine Bent-Knee Twist from @mobilitymaker a go and let your lower back tension melt away ???????????? @sorinex_deadcember #DitchYourShoes #Repost ・・・ Supine Bent-Knee Twist (Hit the bookmark to save this video.????) – ✖️According to pro sports mobility coach @mobilitymaker, if she could only get you to do one recovery stretch after deadlifting—or any exercise, for that matter—it would be this simple Supine Bent-Knee Twist that feels like it’s just wringing out the tension. – ✖️Follow the video to establish a neutral position of your legs and hips before beginning the twist. Leverage your breathing to enhance the rotation: focusing inhales on the side of your ribcage where you’re opening and exhales on the opposite side to help engage the obliques and rotate your ribcage into the twist. – ✖️The more you can separate your upper and lower body in this twist, the more you’ll release tension your low back (particularly QL and erectors). Often, if you’re feeling particularly tight, you’ll experience a releasing “pop” sensation or two in your back. – ✖️Use caution if you’ve had a low-back injury. Remember that, although you feel a stretch in your low back, the rotation is coming from the mid-back and ribcage—not the low back. Stop immediately if you experience pain. – @bertsorin #sorinex #mobilitymaker #deadcember

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Pedestal Front Squat 

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The Kettlebell Front Squat. #DitchYourShoes @bodystrongslc @strongfirst • Clean a pair of kettlebells to the rack position. ✅ Vertical forearms, straight wrists and elbows tucked. ✅ Step into your squat stance (usually about shoulder width), toes slightly turned out. ✅ Inhale through the nose, air into the belly as you squat. ✅ Initiate by pushing the knees apart and pulling into the squat. ✅ Maintain tension through the hips and core. ✅ Pause in the bottom. Stay tight. ✅ Keep your spine long and separate the crown of the head from the tailbone. ✅ Use a grunt or “hut” as a trigger to pressurize and drive out of the bottom. ✅ Keep hips from rising first with the torso upright and “drive through the top of the head” as you return to stand. ✅ Repeat. ✅ • #bodystrongslc #kettlebellskills #kettlebell #squat #gobletsquat #strength #beintentional #bestrong #strongfirst #strengthforall #blackflagstrengthandfitness #movewithpurpose #betterthanyesterdayholidaychallenge #kaizen #caffeineandkilos #makesomenoise #pedestalfootwear

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Pedestal Skater Jumps 

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????⚽️Attention Athletes! ????⚾️ #DitchYourShoes . A huge part of most sports is being able to decelerate and accelerate both quickly and efficiently. The faster you can do so, the more agile and responsive your movements will be. However, not all cuts and changes of direction will come without some external force increasing your momentum. Being able to take the contact, plant, and still explode into the other direction is crucial when playing any contact sport. . In this video, I take one of my favorite plyometric exercises (Lateral Skater Jump) and increase the difficulty a bit by pressing the medicine ball in the direction of my movement. This increases my momentum slightly, thus making the landing and therefore takeoff a bit more challenging. The goal here is to stick a clean landing and rapidly explode in the opposite direction. Pressing the medicine ball simulates some light contact, but as an progression you can have a partner push you in the direction of your jump. Either way, we’re looking to increase the momentum of the jump, while loading a unilateral leg/hip in dynamic movement. . #sports #strengthtraining #strength #plyometrics #athlete #athletictraining #sportsspecific #training #jumping #injuryprevention #explosivetraining #strengthandconditioning @pedestalfootwear @dynamaxusa #striveforgreatness #repost @forgetjordan

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Pedestal Hip Thrust 


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