Activate Your Proprioceptors For Maximal Performance

Posted on July 15th, 2021 to Barefoot Training

 The Proprioceptive Stomping Technique: do this for focus, power, and alertness. 

The Core:

There are many tips and tricks to share when it comes to maximizing your performance in the weight room, but very few of them work to stimulate your brain: the stomping technique for proprioception. 


Activating the proprioceptors in your feet will stimulate your central nervous system (CNS), which tells the brain it needs to focus its energy on your feet. This heightened connection between brain and feet will help improve performance. Proprioceptive stomping works in a similar way to sniffing ammonia as they kick your brain into overdrive and help you “get in the zone”. 

Incorporate stomping into your routine:

Stimulating the proprioceptors in your feet is very simple and requires no added equipment, which is why it should be a staple practice in any strength based program. Before doing a heavy set of deadlifts or squats, pick up one foot at a time and  STOMP them on the ground. Note that this is a stomp and not a light step, so use good force and try to put your foot through the floor. 

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