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Posted on January 4th, 2017 to Barefoot Training

Do not let defeat define you.

Way back in my high school days I suffered a pretty gnarly ankle break within a week of finishing my senior year football season. The end of which resulted in a really shitty Super Bowl loss. 

Despite the loss I was excited about the prospect of playing college football. At this point I had been contacted by a wide range of schools among all divisions and had some pretty killer options. 

Flash forward less than a week after the Super Bowl to a pick-up game of basketball with members of a top ten nationally ranked high school hoops squad. One pump fake later and I was in the trainer’s room with a grapefruit on my ankle. At that moment I was pretty sure my football days were over. 

After feeling sorry for myself for a week or two I pretty much said fuck this and dedicated myself to physical therapy, a super strict diet so as to avoid putting on weight, and my schooling. Six months later I was out of my cast and moving. 

At this point every school had stopped communicating with me with the exception of a few. I didn’t care though. I knew that I would get through it because I was crushing PT and thinking positively. I often tell myself to get back to that mindset when I’m being a baby.

Amherst College stuck with me during the injury which is a big reason I eventually attended after my PG year at Deerfield. We went on to win the first Class A Super Bowl at Deerfield with myself having earned All New England Honors on both sides of the ball. This of course happening after one of my doctors said I should not count on using football as a way of getting into school. (Big shout out to Tabor and Deerfield for believing in me.)

At Amherst I collected the most Hammer Awards (biggest hit each game) in the history of their program, was voted captain by my peers, won a bunch of team and eastern region awards, and earned the nickname Bonesaw. As a result I was recruited by the European Leagues to play ball where I found a spot with the Danube Dragons in Vienna, Austria. We had the best season in the organization’s history and I ate a ton of schnitzel along the way.

I say all of this not to toot my own horn, but to bring light to the fact that had I not been positive and adopted the barefoot recovery and training tactics shown to me by the great trainers at Tabor Academy and the likes of coaches Eric Cressey and Tony Gentilcore, I would have never had the same level of success that I experienced.



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