Foot Strengthening | Arch Control Exercises

Posted on January 20th, 2021 to Barefoot Training

When you take a step, the arches in your feet act as shock absorbers dispersing your weight evenly across the entire foot. Just like a car with no shocks, your overall body control and alignment will decline as your arches weaken. 

A great way to visualize how your arches work is to cup your hand on a table. Keeping your hand cupped, make a fist with your other hand and hit the back of your cupped hand. As your fist hits the hand, the fingers move down and the cup in your hand (arches) flattens out, so that the shock from the fist is evenly distributed. 

So how do you strengthen your arches and build overall arch control? Well, it starts with the big toe. Being able to press your big toe hard into the ground will help build an arch and create stability from the ground up. A great way to know that you are using your big toe, is to use a band and place it under the big toe. 

Below are some great exercises to try with the big toe band technique. 



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