Band Based Workout with BJ Gaddour – Workout Wednesday #43

Posted on February 3rd, 2021 to BJ Gaddour

Good Morning Pedestal Community!

We are back with a killer 20 minute band blast workout from our dear friend BJ Gaddour.

If you haven’t already, please check out for all of his workouts. He is funny, incredibly knowledgeable, and just an incredible human. We love you BJ!

INSANE 20 Minute Band Resistance Workout

Each movement should be split between both legs with roughly 20 seconds of work time per side per minute.

Be sure to check out BJ’s video (it’s under 4 minutes) to check out his form for each movement. 

Cycle through the below for at least 2 rounds to get those gainz!!!

A1) Bulgarian Split Squats Ladder

A2) Bulgarian Slit Squat w/ High Low Pull-Aparts

A3) Bulgarian Split Squat w/ Chest Presses & Level Change

A4) Bulgarian Split Squat w/ Chest Thrusters

A5) Bulgarian Rows & Hinges

A6) Overhead Bulgarian Split Squat

A7) Bulgarian Split Squat Front-Lateral Raise Complex

A8) Glute Stance Bulgarian Split Squat

A9) High/Low Bulgarian Split Squat Thrusters

A10) Quad-Stance X-Band Bulgarian Split Squat

Thank you for check it out and above all #ditchyourshoes

Much love,


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