Barefoot Lateral Exercises on Hardwood Floor

Posted on August 23rd, 2019 to Barefoot Training

Last week we debunked some of the most common myths around barefoot training. 

This week, we are addressing two common questions we get in one post. 

1. Do the grips work on hardwood?

2. Can you do lateral work/move side to side in your Pedestals?

Rather than sit here and type about it, we decided to put them to the test with some various lateral based movements. 

We first had to find a slippery wood floor. While we are on this topic, I am sure many of you find gyms with hardwood floors when you are traveling/staying in hotels. Pedestals are a great tool for those on the go, whether you are traveling or commuting to the gym they can fit in your pocket! Quit carrying around those cumbersome sneakers! 

Back on track here. Check out this floor…

I think it passes the slippery test… 

Warm up consisted of a quick 5 minutes on the bike and some foam rolling. 

Our test started with some Lateral Plyometric exercises – Skier Jumps, Lateral Bounding, and Lateral Cone Jumps. 

Next, we moved to some weighted exercises. These include the Goblet Lateral Lunge and One Arm KB Lateral Lunge w Clean.

Looks like they held up great!

One important point here, every version of our Pedestals have come about as a result of real customer feedback and for that we thank you! For lateral work, we added more mesh (snug fit) and more grip under the big toe (for push off).

Questions from customers like the ones addressed here have helped us create the lightest and most breathable Pedestals to date!


Much Love,



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