Best way to train barefoot on turf!

Posted on August 28th, 2019 to Barefoot Training

As turf continues to grow in popularity in facilities around the world, many people find that training barefoot on the turf can be tough. 

Three of the main reasons are the following:

  • Damage to your feet/regular socks
  • Sanitation concerns 
  • Slipping

At Pedestal, we continue to improve our products based on those concerns. 

This week we wanted to highlight some of the features and benefits of Pedestals on turf by comparing them to regular socks. 

Here you see the quick damage and fraying done to the bottom of these new socks. We would bet that in a few short sessions, a hole would begin to form. 

Next, I used a pair of Pedestals I have been wearing consistently for a couple months now…

These videos clearly show that the yarn composition and total make up of Pedestals are far superior to a regular pair of socks. 

Next, we moved to the turf and had some fun demonstrating the power of the grips on the turf. 

 And next with Pedestals…

We have actually never done this test before, but the results were quite shocking.

Below is a testimonial from a friend, client, and advocate of ours about training in Pedestals on turf…

While I enjoy training barefoot, most fitness facilities require some sort of footwear for sanitary purposes. With regular socks, turf would tear up the bottoms. I also couldn’t do some of the exercises I enjoyed like running and pushing sleds because I felt like I had no traction. The grips on Pedestal socks not only prevent damage from rough turf, but they also provide the stability of a shoe, while maintaining the health benefits of training without shoes! One of the things I really like about Pedestal is that it is a local company that cares about training and provide great customer service. They’re not just an apparel company, they are a health company!” – Marco Sanchez


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