AMP X Pedestal Workout

We had the pleasure of visiting our good friend Steve over at AMP Fitness in downtown Boston. If you are in the area and are looking for a top notch place to train, AMP is your spot. 

Below is what we ripped through and it was killer. Steve has a 6 month old so he is all about efficiency these days. The workout took us 25 minutes and we hit everything. 

A) Bench Press - 3 X 10 Reps

B1) TRX Inverted Rows - 3 X 12-15 Reps

B2) Deficit Incline Push-Ups - 3 X 12-15 Reps

The next three movements were chosen by all of us and performed for 3 Rounds with minimal rest:

C1) Bear Crawl Position DB Rows X 10-12 Reps Per Side

C2) Front Loaded Single KB Carries X 25 Yards w/ 5 Reverse Lunges Per Side

C3) Sled Push Up & Back

Thank you for crushing with us Steve! We can't wait to come back in again soon.

Keep Ditching Your Shoes!

Much Love,

Mike & Brendan

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