What if I drop a weight on my foot?

The most often asked question by anyone we speak to is, "what if I drop a weight on my foot?", and our answer is, unless you're wearing steal toe boots, it's going to hurt and you're probably going to do some damage.

It just so happens that our good friend Bruce at THRIVE in PA unfortunately had a weight drop on his foot while wearing traditional training footwear. As you can see from the picture above, it doesn't look like there was any added protection against this very painful incident.

Bruce was kind enough to share some takeaways as well as his story with us in the video below. In conclusion, no matter what kind of training footwear you are rocking in the gym, you are always at risk. 


  • I had on shoes at the time of incident
  • I was very angry with myself 
  • with or w/o shoes, equal damage 
  • don't drop heavy things on feet 

Keep ditching your shoes and build your base!

Much love,

The Pedestal Guys



Trevor Hoffman

Same thing happened to me about 3 days ago. Its not as bad as the pics above but how long did it take for your foot to get better? I ship out for marine basic training in 10 days I’m hoping its better by then

Mark Hunter

Feet aren’t the only extremities that are vulnerable in the gym. Just shy of my 40th anniversary of stepping into the world of iron I was loading the bar for my last set of deadlifts and pinched my palm between the plates! The pain was bad but the embarrassment much worse, you’d think I’d know better!

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