Strengthen Your Feet | Kettlebell Swap Exercises

Exercises that challenge your balance will require a good amount of foot strength. This is why most great foot strengthening exercises are unilateral leg exercises (done on one leg). 

We borrowed most of these exercises from Joel Seedman at Advanced Human Performance. He's been a long time Pedestal supporter and is an absolute wizard on all things strength and conditioning. 

A kettlebell swap exercise requires that you maintain your posture and position while swapping the kettlebell from one arm to the other. In other words, your body stays still while the weight moves across your body forcing your feet to work hard to keep you balanced. 

Another benefit of the kettlebell swap is when the weight moves from side to side it hits both the lateral and medial sides of the foot. This means that the swap is the Swiss army knife of barefoot exercises. Whether you have flat feet, high arches, supination, eversion, pronation, or inversion the swap has you covered. 

Try to focus on driving the big toe into the ground and maintaining alignment from head to toe. Perform the exercises below 3x per week on off days or as a dynamic warm-up before heavy lifting. 

Five Variations Below:

  1. Single Leg KB Swap
  2. Single Leg Swap With Knee Raise
  3. Single Leg RDL & Swap
  4. Wall RFE Lunge With Swap
  5. Eccentric Isometric Lunge



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