The Only Two Moves You Need

Happy Sunday Pedestal Family!

We are back with two moves that will hit every part of your body.

The Swing & TGU are staples in most training programs at this point so we figured we would highlight both of them in this week's Sunday Sweat Workout. 

The Swing & TGU Workout

Perform 3 Rounds or more of the below:

A1) Swings X 30 Reps - feel free to mix up swing variations

Below is a video of the Swings Ring of Fire from Iron Monkey Strength 



A2) TGU X 5 Reps Per Side - take your time, it's all about quality reps

Below is another TGU PR from our friends at Iron Monkey Strength 


Thank you for reading and always #ditchyourshoes

Much love,



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