"The Pedestal guys are the nicest guys!" - Mary O'Sullivan

During the freakish March snow storm, South Boston residents found themselves trapped in the frozen tundra, that's where we came in.

Before heading to Mike Boyle's Strength & Conditioning, we saw a woman struggling to get her car out of a gnarly snow bank that she had backed her way onto. 

Instincts kicked in and we ran over to lend a push. Some coaching and a few pushes later, the SUV was free of the evil ice encrusted snow bank. 

Naturally we asked Mary if she wouldn't mind saying a few kind words as we always hop on any testimonial opportunity.

To which she responded, "Of course. The Pedestal guys are the nicest guys!"



Thank you Mary for the kind words and thank you Pedestal family for reading.

Much love,

The Pedestal Guys

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