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    The Blog

    Pedestal is the Top Pick for Men's Journal

    Big Thanks to Men's Journal & Max Plenke for choosing Pedestal as their favorite training footwear. 

    Max goes into greater detail below as to why he loves his Pedestals so much:

    "Throughout a heavy, sweaty workout, I felt like I was centered and firmly planted on the floor, and I didn’t have any kind of slippage like I do with shoes or sweaty socks. Maybe most important, I never felt like I wasted power between my legs and the floor by wearing a thick, spongy sole. I could focus on how my body wanted to move through an exercise, instead of worrying about my feet sliding around the inside of a shoe or just sliding out from under me."



    You can check out the article here:

    Keep Crushing,

    Brendan & Mike

    Testimonial Tuesday- Idalis Velazquez

    "I love wearing Pedestals during my lifting and kettlebell training days. They are efficient, durable, and allow my feet and body to get the most out of my workouts"

    Below are two videos of Idalis demonstrating some movements in her Pedestals:


    1. Barbell Glute Bridge 
    2. Landmine Kneeling Press into Offset Overhead Lunges with Knee Drive.
    3. 1 Power Clean + 3 Front Squats X 2. (95)


    A post shared by Idalis Velazquez (@ivfitness) on

     -Pictured here are the Quarter cut Terminators 


    1. Bottoms Up Offset Lunges + Press 
    2. Side Plank + Hip dip and Knee Tuck 


    A post shared by Idalis Velazquez (@ivfitness) on

     -Pictured here are the Crew cut Mavericks

    Idalis Velazquez NASM CPT, FNS

    IG: @ivfitness 

    Testimonial Tuesday- Kevin Carr

    "The products that Pedestal Footwear are putting out are far and away the best choice for minimalist footwear training. The sole of a traditional shoe prevents the foot from receiving rich sensory input  from the ground, ultimately changing the way that we move. While training barefoot would be great, we can't have hundreds of dirty feet all over our gym and regular socks slip on the turf and get worn through quickly. Pedestal provides us a solution. They've given us all the benefits of barefoot training in a sock that is durable, grippy, and best of all...stink proof."

    - Kevin Carr, CFSC, LMT 

    Pressed for time? Here is a quick circuit from Kevin. 

    1. 10 Squats

    2. 10 Swings

    3. 10 Rows Each

    4. 10 Swings

    5. 20 Pushups

    6. 10 Swings

    Repeat as many times as possible for 30 minutes  

    A post shared by Kevin Carr (@kev_in_carr) on


    IG - @MovementAsMedicine

    Twitter - @CoachKevinCarr

    Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning - @bodybyboyle


    UMass Lecture & Food Tour

    UMass Lecture & Food Tour


    We had a killer time at the UMass Senior Entrepreneurial Finance Course yesterday.

    The students were engaged, we covered some awesome material, and they finished with some excellent questions to wrap things up. 

    Professor Charles Johnson teaches the course. Charlie has impressive experience and knowledge of VC's and startups having achieved Partner status at three different firms until retiring to teach at UMass Amherst.

    The talk was an intro to who we are, the why behind our mission, and how our early success helped drive our Kickstarter Campaign. We fielded questions about how we are innovative, how we market and advertise, what some of our biggest hurdles are, and how we plan to grow the brand.

    We are honored and proud to report that it was the most well attended and well received class thus far this semester. We look forward to heading back there soon.

    On a side note, we crushed a little food tour prior to the lecture. We hit up Fresh Side for Tea Rolls, Antonio's for some slices, Bueno y Sano for a burrito, and The Black Sheep for their cookies and chocolate moose. Pictures below. Enjoy!

    Much Love,

    The Pedestal Guys



    Bulletproof your knees with these simple routines!

    Bulletproof your knees with these simple routines!

    As a brand, and as a way of life, we always strive to keep things simple. 

    We take this same approach with our training. Simple yet effective training routines often work the best and we wanted to highlight a couple of ways to improve foot, ankle, and knee health, while simultaneously improving conditioning. 

    BJ Gaddour is the Fitness Director for Men's Health and a former teammate of mine at Amherst College. His work ethic coupled with his knowledge of strength and conditioning makes him one of the most in shape men on the planet, Men's Health went so far as to giving him that distinction. 

    In the video below BJ demonstrates his 10 minute walking lunge routine. He explains the benefits here:

    "bjgaddour WEEKLY WORKOUT ASSIGNMENT! This week I want you to start or finish your workout with 10 minutes of non-stop barefoot walking lunges with a pause at the bottom of each rep. Go barefoot to make sure your feet get some work and to slow you down and improve form and technique. I'm wearing @pedestalfootwear barefoot training socks. Whenever I slack on barefoot work, my foot stability gets thrown off, particularly on my left foot which struggles to keep the big toe down. The benefits to this routine truly are endless and it's a lie detector test for your lower body. You'll bulletproof your knees, strengthen your glutes and thighs, improve hip mobility, realign your wheels, and boost metabolism. This is also the perfect warmup before a run.

    #MotivationMonday#Legs #LegDay #Lunges #Warmup#Finisher #Mobility #BJGaddour"

    Another favorite routine is the Floor Lunge with Curl & Press. This one can also be performed for 10 minutes and will help to improve lower body strength and overall conditioning. 



    Add these to your routines or just give them a try if you are strapped for time and let us know how it goes!

    In good health,