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    The Blog

    5 Minute Standing Flow w/ Tony Gentilcore

    5 Minute Standing Flow w/ Tony Gentilcore

    Mitigate back pain in 5 minutes per day with our Standing Flow!

    Our beloved friend Tony Gentilcore was kind enough to put these drills together to help you move and feel better. The beauty of this flow is that it can be done anywhere. 

    Each movement is listed with the demonstration video below:

    A1) Hip Flexion w/ Glute Hold

    A2) Hip Flexion to RDL

    B) Reverse Lunge w/ Reach

    C1) Lateral Lunge

    C2) Lateral Lunge to 45 degrees

    D) Hip Airplane

    Perform 5 reps for each movement on each side

    (Tony & Mike looking handsome as ever during the Standing Flow demonstrations)

    Ditch Your Shoes & Build Your Base

    Much Love,

    The Pedestal Guys


    Pedestal Ambassador Program

    We want to thank you all for what was an incredible Summer.

    From Orlando to Providence and Chicago to Long Beach, we had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people. 

    We are only as strong as our community, and at the recommendation of people we respect dearly, we will be starting a Pedestal Ambassador Program to continue to bring awareness to the health benefits of barefoot minimalist training. 

    As part of the Ambassador Program you will have first dibs on new product launches, exclusive discounts codes, access to limited edition apparel, and new programming from some of the best coaches in the world. 

    If you are interested in getting involved and learning more please contact Mike & Brendan at

    Ditch Your Shoes & Build Your Base

    Much love,

    The Pedestal Guys

    Post Labor Day Flow Session

    Post Labor Day Flow Session

    We hope you all had a killer Labor Day Weekend!

    Dana said it best with a recent post; "Lifting strengthens my yoga. Yoga mobilizes my lifts."

    So in the interest of staying strong and mobile, we wanted to share her most recent #MinuteMoFlow with you all.


    Here’s your #MinuteMoFlow for Labor Day Weekend. Sorry I’ve skipped the past couple weeks due to travel but I’ll try to keep them coming when I can. If you’ve missed past “MoFlow” posts, that’s what I call a minute-long (or less) mobility sequence that takes you through all planes of motion and hits primary areas needed for most lifts, sports and daily-life activities. ### Specific Instruction Details/Tips: Depending on hip mobility, you may or may not be able to lean forward in crossed-legged seated position. Just do the best you can—but don’t push yourself into knee pain! The jump back from seated to push-up position also might not be accessible to everyone; if not, simply unwind and step back into a plank and lower down to the mat. The side plank with the halfway step up is a move intended to focus on hip mobility. Try to keep the hips stacked and press through the heel of your top leg to push your hips straight up without rotating forward. ### Remember, I’d love to see you practicing these flows. So post your videos and tag me @MobilityMaker with the hashtag #MinuteMoFlow so I can check you out getting your mo flowing. #moflow #minutemobility #mobilityminute #mobilitymatters #mobilitymaker #mobilityflow #multiplanarmovement #movemore #movebetter #mobilitywarmup #minutemoflow16 #garagegym #garagegymlife #garagegymathlete #mobilitycoach @pedestalfootwear @mandukayoga

    A post shared by Dana Santas CSCS, E-RYT (@mobilitymaker) on


    Enjoy & Keep Crushing!

    Ditch Your Shoes,

    The Pedestal Guys

    Tony G Total Body Workout @ CORE

    Last week we had the pleasure of training at Tony Gentilcore's facility CORE. If you are ever in the Boston area definitely check it out. 

    We filmed a series to help mitigate knee and back pain and we are excited to share it with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime we wanted to share our total body workout.

    Keep ditching your shoes and building your base and let us know how your crush session goes! 


    A1) Glute Bridge - 3x10 Seconds

    A2) Plank - 3x10 Seconds

    B) 90/90 Shin Box - 30 Seconds

    C1) Deadbug - 10 Big Breaths

    C2) Bird Dog - 10 Big Breaths

    Repeat 2-3 Times


    A1) Staggered Stance Rotational Landmine Snatches - 2-3 Reps Per Side x 3 Sets



    A2) Kettlebell Swings - 8-10 Reps x 3 Sets


    Here's how to set up for a proper KB Swing. Top video (AKA: the pickup-n-go-and-make-my-eyes-bleed approach): a casual pick up with poor spinal position followed by a shimmying of the hips back and forth in order to get momentum going. It's awkward. Stop it. Plus the bell dips below the knees. A kitten dies. You're a big jerk for performing your swings this way. Bottom video (AKA: the hike-n-go-now-we're-talking approach): bell is a few feet in front, tilt it towards you with your chest up. Hike that sonofabitch and then violently thrust your hips so that the bell is propelled in front and there's a momentary instant where it "floats." Return bell as close to groin as possible or without harming your future offspring. The universe is now happy.

    A post shared by Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore) on


    B1) Trap Bar Deadlift - 3-5 Reps x 5 Sets


    Grindy 600 pound trap bar PR @ 180 lbs bw 🎥: @sdavies38 @pedestalfootwear #6bills #deadlift #kcsc #pedestalpr

    A post shared by Matt Hinkley (@hinkley_strength_kcsc) on


    B2) Lateral Glute Walks w/ Band - 10 Reps Per Side x 5 Sets



    C1) Kettlebell/Dumbbell Reverse Lunges - 6-8 Reps Per Side x 3 Sets


    ⛈THUNDER & LIGHTNING CONTRAST TRAINING⛈ Pairing strength and power 💥 moves for the same movement pattern or muscle group is one of my favorite time-efficient metabolic bodybuilding techniques. Try these 2 pairings for wheels of steel: 1️⃣Loaded Box 📦 Squats/Unloaded Box 📦 Squat Jumps 2️⃣Loaded Lunges/Unloaded Lunge Jumps A pair of 15-20 lb dumbbells would wreck most women and a pair of 25-50 lb dumbbells would murder most men. These pairings are part of "LOWER BODY WORKOUT 3" from my new GAINZ 2.0 program, a 28-day minimal equipment muscle-building program. Get the full workout with sets, reps, rest, etc. and access the entire program at (direct link in my bio). I add a new 28-day GAINZ (and SHRED) program every month for my members. #TheDailyBJ #NotAPornSite #AllBJNoBS #Legs #LegWorkout #LowerBody #LowerBodyWorkout #Glutes #Hamstrings #Quads #Dumbbell #DumbbellWorkout #HomeWorkout #HomeWorkouts #ContrastTraining #BJGaddour #Squats #BoxSquats #Lunges #MetabolicBodybuilding

    A post shared by BJ Gaddour (@bjgaddour) on


    C2) Standing Rows w/ Band - 12-15 Reps x 3 Sets



    We hope you enjoy!

    Much Love,

    The Pedestal Guys

    Bulletproof Your Knees with Men's Health Cover Model & Strength Coach BJ Gaddour

    Bulletproof Your Knees with Men's Health Cover Model & Strength Coach BJ Gaddour

    BJ Gaddour, former Men's Health Fitness Director & Owner of, has embarked on a journey to help people move and feel better. 
    He recently started a barefoot lunge campaign and wouldn't you know, Pedestals are his #1 choice for getting his body to execute more natural movement patterns. 
    Below are lunge variations from BJ's Instagram. Try them out and let us know how it goes.
    Part 1 of BJ's 16 Lunge Variations
    Part 2 of BJ's 16 Lunge Variations
    We hope you all enjoy crushing these lunge variations in your Pedestals!
    Ditch Your Shoes & Build Your Base
    The Pedestal Guys