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    The Blog — Foot/Ankle Health

    Check Out Our Low Cut 2.0's!

    Check Out Our Low Cut 2.0's!

    Week of the Pedestal 2.0 continues with our low cut renderings!

    We can not say enough how excited we are to launch our five new colors and improved features. 

    Our 2.0's truly are the most advanced performance socks on the market today.

    Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think in the comments!

    Many thanks,

    Brendan & Mike

    Thank You Savages

    Thank You Savages

    (v-necks are a must when you don't have a neck...)

    We are approaching our first full-year of being online and what an epic year it's been.

    The quality of people we now have the privilege of calling friends, partners, and customers still tugs at the heart strings when I take a second to think about it.

    There is something special about the wellness community, particularly the one we now belong to. Their sense of purpose, selflessness, and commitment to others, are qualities that are becoming harder and harder to find.

    The other qualities that make this group so special and perhaps most notable is their humor, vulnerability, and willingness to call bull-sh**. They speak about their personal experiences as coaches and as athletes from the heart with an unwavering sensibility.

    It is a beautiful thing to know that this group of experts are always acting in the best interest of those whom they reach and work with. We like to consider what we do at Pedestal in the same scope as said experts.

    Our goal is to provide the highest quality locally sourced product with the intention of improving the overall health and wellness of anyone who puts a pair on. We know people have recognized this mission and have committed their time and resources to supporting us, and for this, we will always be grateful.

    That said, much like the customers and coaches whom support us, we consistently work towards improving our product and how we do business. We know that our incremental progress is a culmination of the day to day communication and interaction between ourselves and our community.

    Pedestal is a reflection of the coaches, athletes, and customers we work with, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

    Thank you for making us better and for always crushing.

    Hugs & Deadlifts,


    Below are pics of just some of the awesome people whom we call friends.

    Mike Lyon & Mark Fisher (best flow and smile hands down)

    Brendan McKee and the strongest doctor in all the land Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

    A giddy Dean Somerset 

    Brendan & Mike with Performance U Founder and overall awesome human Nick Tumminello

    Do you Pronate or Supinate?

    Do you Pronate or Supinate?

    At Pedestal, we recognize that the feet are the most neglected part of the training regimen. Both Brendan and I were lucky enough to have top coaches that made us take our shoes off upon entering their facility. Since that day, it really boils my blood when I see people doing movements in the gym in traditional running shoes. Some of these people even do so under the watchful gaze of their "trainer". 

    One of our biggest blessings that we have here is our access to a great network of top coaches who get our mission and truly want to help. Over the past couple months, Dr. Joel Seedman ( has worked with us to come up with a Pedestal Program for our network. 

    Our goal in doing this was two-fold. First, we want to educate our consumer/market (although a lot of our customers are coaches themselves). Secondly we want to provide a solution to the question, "These are great, but now what?". 

    If you haven't checked it out, you can HERE

    Personally, my favorite exercise is the Bulgarian Squat with Kettlebell Swap ( We hope you can incorporate some of these exercises on your journey to optimal foot and ankle health!

    Do you Pronate or Supinate? Feel free to share your story with us!

    Have fun!