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    The Blog — training

    The Glute Guy Smashes in his Pedestals

    Dr. Bret Contreras has created a surge in glute training across the strength and conditioning community and is responsible for some of the best bums out there. 

    We had the pleasure of crushing weights with him at the 2016 Fitness Summit and hear him speak about posterior chain training. He throws serious weight around with awesome technique and we are big fans of his work. 

    Bret was kind enough to share his experience with Pedestal with us:

    "I prefer to deadlift barefoot, but I don't like dirtying up my feet or quickly ruining my socks. Enter Pedestals - they're perfect for the job. They're durable, and they can be worn during warm-ups, deadlifts, jumping, or the entire training session for that matter. I support Pedastal Footwear's mission. 

    Bret Contreras PhD, CSCS"

    Thank you for visiting and Keep Crushing!

    In good health,

    The Pedestal Guys

    Back Bay Health Loves Their Pedestals

    (Pictured: Chi with the thumbs up, in the center Craig Liebenson, and Laura & Tim to the right from Back Bay Health)

    Back Bay Health is a leading Performance and Physical Therapy center here in Boston. BBH is lead by Tim and his wife Laura and they are always seeking ways to help their patients feel and function better.

    They recently attended a seminar with Craig Liebenson at Clientel 3 and Pedestals were the preferred footwear among the presenters and attendees. 

    Tim was kind enough to share a few words about why he enjoys working and training in his Pedestals:

    "I work in a private physical rehabilitation office where I need to dress semi-formally but also remain active. The Pedestal 2.0’s are great because they look sharp, they help grip the hardwood floors when demonstrating barefoot exercises and they don’t end up smelling rank at the end of the day. So it’s a win for me and a win for the patients."

    Thank you all for reading. Your support is always greatly appreciated.

    Keep Building Your Base!

    In good health,

    The Pedestal Guys


    Jim Smith Approved

    Our Testimonial Tuesday features Jim Smith aka Smitty Diesel. Below is a little more about him:

    Jim is the founder and owner of Diesel Strength and Conditioning. For the past 16 years, Jim has been helping pro athletes from the NHL, NFL, and UFC, as well as, high school and collegiate athletes from various sports achieve their strength and performance goals.

    Along with Joe DeFranco, Jim created the world-renowned CPPS certification, called by Muscle & Fitness magazine “the best curriculum for trainers we’ve ever seen.” Jim is on the Fitness Advisory boards for, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, and and is regularly featured in Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Health magazines.


    We run all of our warm-ups in socks and barefoot because all of my clients and athletes have locked up feet and ankles from wearing shoes all day long. The problem is, if you lose your ability to move at the ankle and your foot dexterity is terrible, it will have a massive negative effect on your ability to move well. This is a really big deal, especially if you're trying to optimize your technique for loaded strength training movements like deadlifts and squats - as well as expressing power and speed for all athletic movements.

    Pedestals have been a game-changer for me and my athletes! They are super comfortable and the grip is perfect for all of our ground-based movements. I highly recommend them for coaches, trainers, athletes, and everyone else who loves to train!

    Jim Smith |

    Testimonial Tuesday- Kevin Carr

    "The products that Pedestal Footwear are putting out are far and away the best choice for minimalist footwear training. The sole of a traditional shoe prevents the foot from receiving rich sensory input  from the ground, ultimately changing the way that we move. While training barefoot would be great, we can't have hundreds of dirty feet all over our gym and regular socks slip on the turf and get worn through quickly. Pedestal provides us a solution. They've given us all the benefits of barefoot training in a sock that is durable, grippy, and best of all...stink proof."

    - Kevin Carr, CFSC, LMT 

    Pressed for time? Here is a quick circuit from Kevin. 

    1. 10 Squats

    2. 10 Swings

    3. 10 Rows Each

    4. 10 Swings

    5. 20 Pushups

    6. 10 Swings

    Repeat as many times as possible for 30 minutes  

    A post shared by Kevin Carr (@kev_in_carr) on


    IG - @MovementAsMedicine

    Twitter - @CoachKevinCarr

    Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning - @bodybyboyle


    Pedestal 2.0 Launch Tour & Recent Features

    Pedestal 2.0 Launch Tour & Recent Features

    As the months get colder here in Boston, the Pedestal 2.0 launch tour is here to keep us warm.

    Speaking of colder months, we recently got featured as a preseason training tool for skiers and snowboarders by here:

    Last week, we also got featured in an article for here:

    Full disclosure, we pay nothing for these features. Instead these editors reach out and we send product to them to test and write about. What is most intriguing about these articles is the representation of the diversity of applications for Pedestals. Whether it is to be a stronger runner or skier, Pedestal Footwear will get you on the right track (pun intended) to crushing your goals. 

    Over the next two weeks, we are hitting the road for a few seminars and conferences. This week we are heading to Providence, Rhode Island for the NEACSM Conference. This should be a great opportunity to showcase our samples of 2.0's before they are available for pre-order.

    Next week, we are heading to Scottsdale, Arizona for the Parisi School Summit. Bill Parisi, the founder of Parisi School had this to say about his experience with his Pedestals:

    "Pedestal Footwear is a piece of equipment that every athlete should take advantage of. At Parisi, we like to have our athletes warm-up barefoot, and having the right protection during this time is crucial.  Pedestal solved a problem no one ever thought of, until now…."

    Over the weekend, we filmed our new video for our 2.0's and we had a blast (as you can see by the above photo). We are really excited to share it with you soon. Stay tuned as we will be updating our website shortly. 

    Thank you for all of your support. Keep crushing and please keep us updated on your Pedestal journey. We love seeing all of the photos and videos.

    With Love,