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    The Blog

    Go Raw

    When I was in college a couple years back, I would get my things together and head out to the gym. Most notably, I would always bring a backpack with a weightlifting belt and straps. Having them with me gave me a sense of confidence in case I wanted to put a few more pounds on the bar and go for it. This confidence came from many people telling me that it was much safer to wear the belt as it would give my back more support and prevent my spine from just exploding. 

    Week after week I would wear the belt for some of my major lifts (squats/deadlifts) not thinking it was doing me any harm and in fact was helping me if anything. As far as the straps, I would almost always have them for when I was training back as it would help assist my grip in pulling exercises. 

    It was not until after college that I began to train consistently without straps or a belt. When in my life was I going to have a belt and straps with me when I was out in the world? We all know the two words "functional training" get thrown out there a lot, however I began to wonder how my overall strength (grip/core) would increase if I stopped using these tools. 

    This started my own revolution into the natural way to lift and I began to tell myself "if I can’t lift it naturally then there is too much weight on the bar". My gym ego took a step back as I was forced to put less weight on the bar in order to build my base. This was a sacrifice that I believed would allow me to not only come back stronger but also in less pain than before. It would also help me understand my true strength. 

    It definitely paid off and my overall body strength is now much higher than when I was using those tools. Without straps, my forearms and wrist strength allows me to pull more while my stabilizing core muscles keep me secure in my daily life or when  performing heavy deadlifts or squats. My point here is that you shouldn’t rely on artificial help in order to try and lift more weight. If you have the patience and determination, you can slowly build your strength naturally and eventually your whole body will come out stronger and more well protected than before.

    A comparison can be made between helmet sports and weightlifting. Long ago, helmets barely existed in hockey and the helmets in football were made out of leather. As helmets grew to be part of the game, players began to take more and more risk. You can see nowadays that the technology in the modern helmet has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of brain trauma from concussions in helmet sports.  Think about it, if you didn’t wear a helmet wouldn’t you be more cognizant of where your body and head are in comparison to someone else or a wall? You would take less risk right? This same thing can be said about weightlifting. If you didn’t have the straps, wraps, and belts wouldn’t you put less weight on the bar and force yourself to lift it naturally?

    We aim to remove this long existing crutch and we want to see you set personal records the natural way.


    Delivery Crisis Averted

    Last Saturday was arguably one of the most stressful days of my life.

    As our City Savage event was to take place on Sunday, we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first shipment of product from North Carolina. We had it rushed delivered for Saturday and everything seemed to be working out.

    Saturday morning I had a family function to go to so I had a friend help me by waiting at my house for the package to come. On the website it said that it was to arrive at 11:30am so I asked my friend to be there by 11 or 11:15. 

    Feeling like everything was under control I headed for Haverhill (about 40 minutes north of Boston) to be there by 9:30am. After about 15 minutes of being there, I decided that I would check on the delivery of the package just to make sure everything was still good. 

    As I am typing this message, I am getting sick just thinking about how I felt when the page loaded on my phone and told me " 6/13/2015 9:26am- The receiver was not available at the time of the first delivery attempt. A second attempt will be made". As I looked up the page it said next delivery scheduled Monday 6/15.

    Within about 10 seconds, I stormed out and was on the phone with UPS begging and pleading for help. There was no way we could have this event and not have product there. After 40 minutes of failed attempts to contact the driver and being told that the customer center was closed on Saturdays, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

    On the phone, the lady told me that the driver had to finish their route at 11:30am or it cant legally be delivered on Saturday, so I knew that if I could get to the Watertown (customer center location) by 12:30 I could meet the driver as he comes into the center to finish his route. It was now 11am and I was 50 minutes away from Watertown, so I got in the car and booked it.

    As I was driving over, I kept telling myself "I will get this package" "I will get this package". When I was close I could see UPS trucks and a few cars in the back where the loading dock was, so I knew someone was there. I pulled through an open gate and got out of my car as I saw a driver leaving the other way. I jumped out and said something along the lines of "please, I need your help in getting my package". He responded, "that's the guy to talk to" as he pointed to a security officer standing by a "do not enter" sign. Keeping my cool and being as nice as I could be, I went up to the officer, shook his hand, and said "please, I really need your help". 

    To my shock he responded "sure, not a problem just please park across the street and come in the other entrance". As I came through the entrance, we talked it out and I gave him my tracking number and name. He said he was going to go into the warehouse and find someone to help me.

    About 5 minutes later, I see him walk out with a man dressed in the UPS uniform and heading my way. They both walked in and the man introduced himself as "Goose" and we began chatting about where I came from and what the event was. He said he is going to call the driver (Eric) and tell him that I was waiting for him to finish up his route. Goose asked me if I wanted to come back in about 45 minutes and I told him "absolutely not, I have nothing to do. I will wait here all day if I have to". He laughed and said he was going to take care of it. Finally I felt some relief as I knew everything would work out.

     About 30 minutes later, Goose walked out with my package in hand and I decided that I had to get a picture of him posing with it. I thanked him over and over again as I left the customer center en route back to Haverhill to finish up the day. 

    What a brutal day, but it all worked out in the end.

    Our Journey

    What's in store for Pedestal

    We are hosting a City Savage Series at Equinox Sports Club on June 14th from 2-5pm.

    Cash prizes for event winners as well as Pedestal gear for anyone Savage enough to attend.

    Check out the event details at,

    American Manufactured

    Visiting North Carolina

    "You're starting a business? You know it's so much cheaper if you go overseas?" If I told you the amount of times we've heard this same song and dance it would make your head spin. As someone who is always open to learning I really do appreciate people looking out for our cost structure as it shows that they genuinely do care and want the business to succeed. In this blog I wanted to share the reasons why I chose to do business here in America.

    Relationship, relationship, relationship. How could you trust someone you've never met? Would someone be more or less likely to meet a deadline or communicate openly with you if you had shared food and stories with one another? We now know Nate's favorite drink (Tito's), that he does in fact know how to eat a lobster (sent him some lobsters from Maine), and that his secretary Lori's favorite fruit is watermelon while she has a soft spot for caramel and fudge. Some of our conversations with Nate include fantasy football talk, which is something I probably wouldn't do with a factory overseas. 

    Another facet of staying in the U.S. is quality control and knowing that in the end the factory is only three hours away and that there will be familiar faces there when I show up. It is also humbling to know that everyone in the factory has a job because of other companies who have trusted their process and provided them with ample work to do.

    Relationships we have developed, experiences we have had, people we have met, proximity, and familiarity are all worth it to us at Pedestal Footwear.


    Building a Base

    Like the animal you are

    Why is it that you can walk into any gym in the country and someone is walking around in socks? Lets face it, those who frequent gyms understand the benefits of wearing next to nothing on their feet. Do you wear ski boots to play basketball or bowling shoes to ice skate? Then why are you wearing traditional running shoes to workout?

    For most of us, the gym is that time to get in the zone and put everything else in your life to the side for the few minutes you have to yourself in the day. Have you ever thought of the day to day beating you put on your feet? Between cramming them into your dress shoes and having your toes bunched up like MBTA at 5:30pm to the band aid approach of using orthotics. Why not allow your feet to feel free and wake up one of the most nerve rich parts of the body? This is what we are striving to do with Pedestal Footwear and allow the user to build a strong base from the ground up.

    We are the first company to designate their mission to providing gym-specific footwear. Let's bring it back to how it is supposed to be. All natural and pure savage, unless of course you wear gloves to workout as well.