300 Reps To Start Your Day! #WorkoutWednesday #60

Good Morning & Happy #WorkoutWednesday Friends!

We are back with 5 of our favorite movements to kick-off your hump day.

Check out the sequence below and get after it!

5 Movements = 300 Reps

1. KB Swings X 60 Reps

2. Split Squats X 60 reps

3. Pull-Ups or Rows X 60 Reps

4. Push-Ups X 60 Reps

5. Deadbugs X 60 Reps

Feel free to perform however many you want of each movement before moving on. The goal is to complete all of the reps for each movement in whatever manner you want.

Thank you for crushing and always #ditchyourshoes

Much love,



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