Single Kettlebell Workout Wednesday #39

Good Morning Pedestal Community!

We are back with a killer Single Kettlebell Workout from our friend Kelly Matthews. You can follow Strong with Kelly HERE.

Below is the workout taken right from Kelly's Instagram:

We encourage you to perform at least 3 Rounds

"1: Single arm swing to transverse squat
2. Single leg bent over rows
3. Squat, clean, rotational press
4. Hop, snatch, windmill
5. Tall Kneeling Double arm clean
6. ISO split squat halos
7. Push up, deadlift, swing (as a finisher)"

Each movement can be done for time (40 seconds on, 20 seconds off) or a certain amount of reps (8 to 12 reps). You can also watch Kelly via the video below:



Thank you for ready and we hope you enjoy your workout!

Much love,