Workout Wednesday #26

We are exactly 6 months into our Workout Wednesday series and we hope you all feel as good as we do.

This week is a mix of bodyweight movements and sprint work. Find a wall and a little bit of space and you have everything you need for a killer workout.

Ditch your shoes and check out the below!

Workout Wednesday #26

Perform a proper warm up - I always enjoy the dynamic warm ups we did during my college football days

Perform each movement for 30-40 seconds and rest for 20-30 seconds

Perform at least 3 Rounds but do more if you can!

A1) Split Jacks

A2) Alternating Reverse Lunge w/ Knee Drive

A3) Lateral Push-Up Walks - Travel Left to Right with Push-Ups mixed in 

A4) Wall Sprints

A5) Bear Crawls - Travel in all directions

We hope you enjoy and always #ditchyourshoes

Much love,


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