Workout Wednesday #27

Good Morning Pedestal Community!

I restarted the ONNIT 6 Week KB & BW workout programs and will be sharing some of the killer training sessions they offer.

Below is a workout I performed this week that I really enjoyed. All you need is a single KB or DB to get started. 

The ONNIT KB Workout

Always kick it off with a proper warm up!

This is a 20 seconds on 10 seconds off cycle for each movement on both sides of your body.

You will go through 8 rounds of each movement alternating between sides and then move on to the next movement.

A) Single KB - Front Rack Reverse Lunges

B) Single KB - Single Leg RDL's

C) Single KB - Single Arm Rows

D) Single KB - Single Arm OH Presses

E) Single KB - Single Arm KB Swings

F) KB Halos 

Thank you for reading and always #ditchyourshoes

Much love,


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