Bulletproof your knees with these simple routines!

Posted on March 27th, 2017 to Barefoot Training

As a brand, and as a way of life, we always strive to keep things simple. 

We take this same approach with our training. Simple yet effective training routines often work the best and we wanted to highlight a couple of ways to improve foot, ankle, and knee health, while simultaneously improving conditioning. 

BJ Gaddour is the Fitness Director for Men’s Health and a former teammate of mine at Amherst College. His work ethic coupled with his knowledge of strength and conditioning makes him one of the most in shape men on the planet, Men’s Health went so far as to giving him that distinction. 

In the video below BJ demonstrates his 10 minute walking lunge routine. He explains the benefits here:

bjgaddour WEEKLY WORKOUT ASSIGNMENT! This week I want you to start or finish your workout with 10 minutes of non-stop barefoot walking lunges with a pause at the bottom of each rep. Go barefoot to make sure your feet get some work and to slow you down and improve form and technique. I’m wearing @pedestalfootwear barefoot training socks. Whenever I slack on barefoot work, my foot stability gets thrown off, particularly on my left foot which struggles to keep the big toe down. The benefits to this routine truly are endless and it’s a lie detector test for your lower body. You’ll bulletproof your knees, strengthen your glutes and thighs, improve hip mobility, realign your wheels, and boost metabolism. This is also the perfect warmup before a run.

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Another favorite routine is the Floor Lunge with Curl & Press. This one can also be performed for 10 minutes and will help to improve lower body strength and overall conditioning. 



Add these to your routines or just give them a try if you are strapped for time and let us know how it goes!

In good health,


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