Carry More For A Stronger Core

Posted on August 4th, 2021 to Workout Wednesday

Good Morning & Happy #WorkoutWednesday Friends!

We are back with one of the more basic yet most effective movements to improve overall strength, the CARRY!!!

We’ve all been there, running behind at the airport, carrying our bags whilst running. If you pay any attention to your body you can tell that it is being pulled in either direction with each step. It’s not until you lock in your core and keep your shoulders compact that you feel what it truly means to carry something. 

Working for my family’s moving and storage company for the first half of my life, I developed some pretty unique core and should strength that can only be mimicked with carries. 

In terms of a workout, below is what I integrate with additional KB work or I’ll just perform the below for more sets or time and keep it at that.

A1) Single Arm Carry – Each Arm @ 50 Yards Each

A2) Double Arm Carry – 100 Yards

A3) OH Carry – Each Arm @ 50 Yards Each

A4) Front Loaded Carry – 100 Yards

A5) 1 Up 1 Down – Alternate Arms @ 50 Yards Each

So whether it is before, during, or after your workout, be sure to introduce carries to build your core and get your body lined up!

Thank you for reading and always #DitchYourShoes

Much love,


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