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Posted on November 3rd, 2018 to Our Workouts

Another favorite account of mine for workout nuggets is @kettlebellexercises. Marcus offers some awesome kettlebell workouts for all levels. Below are some movements I worked into my training today:

Movement Sequence 1 

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First part of today’s variety day involved some free flow ground work combined with control. These days are all about exploring movements and positions with a variety of Tools. Today was all about the kb. The traditional getup is a great movement to have in your tool box, but to be honest I rarely use it. Vid 1: double get up into double deadstart half kneeling clean Vid 2: Rotational get up – I’ve been playing with this one since I first started messing with it with @venus2bfab. It’s gone through many versions but this is my favorite. Topped it off with a half kneeling snatch Vid 3: controlled renegade rows with one leg up – bruuuutal for the trunk and all parts involved Since today was a variety kb day there were no reps. Just did a few sets of each movement until I felt it was enough. About 5-10 reps of each thing. Total workout (including a few other pieces) was about 45 min. Up your kb game with the Kettlebell Difference (LINK IN BIO) . . . . . . . . . #kettlebell #strengthbymarcus #kettlebellworkout #kettlebellexercises

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Movement Sequence 2

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A favorite movement of mine is the renegade row. Not everyone is ready so here’s a few regressions for ya and my favorite intensifier: This is a powerful upper body movement that really gets the entire trunk firing as one unit. 1️⃣ Alternating bent over row 2️⃣ Alternating bent over row with your feet back (prob my most often go to) 3️⃣ Alternating stance 4️⃣ Renegade row 5️⃣ renegade row with contralateral leg lifted (my second favorite) Mix things up on your pull day in the conventional gym or throw these into a circuit with some pressing and lower body work for a powerful full body workout. Ready to up your strength and power with kettlebells while dropping body fat?? Then you’re ready for the Kettlebell Difference! (LINK IN BIO) . . . . . . . . . #kettlebell #kettlebellworkout #kettlebellexercises #strengthbymarcus #thekettlebelldifference

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Movement Sequence 3 

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Rotation and flow… ONLY try this if you’ve mastered the clean and single arm Rotational Clean. The first video was a double Rotational Clean. The second vid is an alternating Clean I picked up from @swingthiskettlebell This WILL NOT be the bulk of your work. Don’t try to go heavy. Don’t hit PRs. This is for amplifying the effects of Rotational flows and building timing/coordination. I love when people message me “well you don’t need kettlebells to build coordination”. No shit. Buuuuut this is fun (to me). Plus you get the added benefit of building a strong ass grip, resilient shoulders, and a solid trunk. Ended my session with a few sets of these with the Rotational get ups (a couple posts ago) Give it a whirl and make sure to tag me to potentially get featured in my stories or on my page! Get started on the Kettlebell Difference! I don’t have flows like This in there BUT when you master the fundamentals you gain the skill and confidence to experiment and play with all sorts of movements! (LINK IN BIO) . . . . . . . #kettlebellexercises #kettlebellworkout #strengthbymarcus #kettlebell #thekettlebelldifference

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Thank you for reading and have a killer weekend!

Much Love,


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