Supination Exercises | Foot & Ankle Strengthening

Posted on July 29th, 2021 to Barefoot Training

A few days ago, I was just inching a box over a little bit and instead of bending over to pick it up I used the side of my foot to wedge it over. Keeping my right shin planted against the side of the box, I used my foot and ankle muscles to slide it slightly to the right.

To get more sciencey on you, the actual muscles working here are the Peroneus Longus and the Peroneus Brevis. Strengthening these muscles is key to preventing ankle sprains as they provide lateral stability of the foot and ankle. In other words, they are meant to prevent you from falling over to the lateral side of the foot. Since this exercises requires supination of the foot, it will help build the arches of the foot and prevent flat feet.  

When I did the movement, I really felt my foot and ankle working hard. After doing it a few times, I tried to figure out a way to mimic this movement with different forms of resistance. Check out the video below..



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