Foot Strengthening Exercises For Supinators

Posted on October 20th, 2020 to Barefoot Training

Previously, we addressed flat feet and exercises that you can do to strengthen your feet and get them into a more normal/neutral alignment. On the opposite side of the spectrum and less common lies the supinated foot. Supinators are usually individuals that are bow-legged. 

Supinators tend to place greater stress and carry more weight on the outer or lateral portion of the foot. Foot or ankle supination tends to be associated with inflammation throughout the outer ankles, shins, and hips including the IT band. Although the problems are less severe than those in ankle pronators, these individuals can be susceptible to ankle sprains and chronic foot discomfort. 

A great way to diagnose your foot condition, is to analyze the bottom of your sneaker. You will notice a side of the shoe that is worn down more than another. If it is the inside, you are a pronator and if it is the outside you are a supinator. You can also stand in front of a full length mirror and see what your feet are doing behind you. 

If you have supinated feet, below are three exercises you should add to your workout routine. 

Exercise #1 – Toe Touch Stride Hold With Swap  

Exercise #2 – Bulgarian Squat With Kettlebell Swap

Exercise #3 – Single Leg Stand With Ipsilateral Loading

 Enjoy and always remember to #DITCHYOURSHOES!


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