Granite State Fitness Visit

Posted on October 24th, 2018 to Our Workouts

Here is my workout from my visit at Granite State Fitness in Manchester, NH.

Warm up activation exercises followed by 3 rounds of 30 pulls on ERG for calories. 

We went through 4 stations with two exercises at each station done in EMOM style. 1:30 rest between stations. 

A1- 8 Bulgarian Snatch (4 each)

A2- 16 Staggered Stance Med Ball Slams ( 8 each)

B1 – 60 Foot Sled Push

B2 – 16 Burpees to 2″ target

C1 – Depth Drop to Lateral Wall Ball Slams (4 each)

C2 – 16 Staggered Stance Wall Ball Tosses

D1- 8 Chest to Ring Pull-ups

D2 – 16 calorie Bike Sprint 

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