The Ultimate Guide to Buying Grip Socks

Learn about buying grip socks for pilates, yoga, weightlifting, crossfit, and more

Buying Grip Socks for Yoga & Pilates

When searching for the best pair of yoga, barre, or Pilates grip socks, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Breathability
  • Durability
  • Traction
  • Aesthetic

In this post, we go over why you should replace those sticky yoga socks you bought on Amazon with a pair of high-performance Pedestals.

What To Look For

In the past, you’ve probably purchased socks from your local sporting goods store hoping they’d offer the performance you need when squatting or training. What you likely found is that these so-called “workout socks” were no different than your average gym sock. You’re better off going barefoot. That’s where Pedestal Footwear comes in – high quality exercise grip socks made specifically with yoga, Pilates, and more in mind. Whatever the workout is, you can do it better in our grip socks.

Where to buy grip socks

If you’re looking for the highest quality option, we recommend buying grip socks online here at Pedestal Footwear. Regardless, the best place to buy grip socks or sticky socks is definitely online. There’s a plethora of options available and they typically come with free shipping. This can sometimes present a problem, however, because online you will find everything from cheap grip socks that rip after 3 wears to to high performance, athletic compression or workout-specific socks. Lucky for you, Pedestals are perfect for it ALL.

New to Yoga Socks?

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How to wash grip socks

If you’re concerned about how to wash your grip socks, you shouldn’t be. Pedestals come complete with a silver bacteria & odor-killing liner. This means you can rock them a few times at the gym before they even get noticeably dirty or smelly.

How to wear grip socks

Wear them just like you would any other sock. However, we don’t recommend wearing Pedestals with shoes. That kind of defeats the purpose.

How Grip Socks Can Change Your Workout

At Pedestal Footwear, we believe that proper training starts from the ground up. Your feet are an extremely important part of your overall balance and stability and they’re often the most ignored aspect of your workout. We understand that yoga is all about movement quality and balance from the ground up. We also understand and appreciate how important the feet are to the rest of the body.

Grip socks offer supreme traction without the clunky annoyance of shoes – no matter what style of workout you prefer. They come with a silver treatment lining that will kill bacteria and odors for up to 50 wash cycles. They’re also extremely durable, made for both men & women, and they’ll IMPROVE YOUR WORKOUT.

Looking for Grip socks for weightlifting? If you’re looking for grip socks that will help your weightlifting form while allowing you to engage more muscle groups in a more targeted fashion, Pedestals are perfect for you. Our grip socks for lifting help with:

  • Greater awareness of muscle targeting
  • Increased power & stability
  • Ability to increase weight quicker

What are the best socks for Pilates and yoga?

Wearing a pair of Pilates socks can change your workout. As you flow and transition through your yoga practice, it is important to have socks that can keep up. Whether you decide to use a yoga mat, carpet, or you’re on a hard surface – you need stability under your feet, and you want to stay clean. That’s why we recommend socks over shoes for Pilates. Here’s 3 quick reasons you’ll love our grip socks for yoga or Pilates:

  • Extreme durability
  • Unique hex-grip design allows you to hold your position.
  • Bacteria and odor-killing liner
  • Various styles and color options

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is great for low-impact strength training. It’s a solid way to build up your core and keep your body healthy. While Pilates is a “low-impact” form of exercise, it is definitely still strenuous. In a core Pilates class, you’ll work muscles you never knew you had! The beauty of Pilates is that you don’t need much equipment, but it helps to wear the right attire. Learn more about what you should wear to Pilates class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are grip socks?

Exactly what they sound like – socks with grips on the bottom. Also referred to as sticky socks. At Pedestal Footwear, we’ve taken the grip sock to the next level.

What are non-slip socks?

They’re the same thing as grip socks. Non-slip socks not only give you traction after waxing that kitchen floor, but they are also anti-microbial. This means you won’t have to worry about slipping AND you can worry less about germs moving from your floor to your feet to your bed or couch.

How often should I wash my grip socks?

Suggested washing is every 2-3 workouts. Silver treatment kills bacteria and lasts 50 washes. Wash cold and hang dry.

What if I drop a weight on my foot?

You’re screwed…but no more than if you wore any other sneaker/training shoe. Build Your Base!

How long does a pair of Pedestal grip socks last?

We guarantee your Pedestals will last a minimum of 90 days. How savage you are in them and the type of surfaces you train on will dictate the longevity of the most advanced sock ever created.

Do you sell to wholesale accounts?

Yes we do. Check out our wholesale options.

Will Pedestals increase my sex appeal?


Will Pedestals make me jump higher?


Will Pedestals make me more savage?

Overwhelmingly yes!

See The Difference For Yourself

New to grip socks?

Grip socks improve traction and mitigate dirtiness while allowing you to engage the entirety of your feet & legs. See how our grip socks perform for yourself in this video of Founder Mike Lyon testing them out at the gym. If you’re new to non-slip socks, we recommend trying them out at home!

A Great Gift For Men & Women

Okay so maybe you’re not the person who would benefit from ditching your shoes and leveling up. No worries. BUT – you can probably think of at least one person in your life who WOULD benefit from a pair of Pedestals!

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