Feel the Heel | Eliminate Knee Pain and Improve Your Squat

Woman squatting wearing squat socks

Posted on November 22nd, 2019

Try this drill the next time you squat. 

Here are the steps:

1. Grab anything you can find that will elevate the toes. Start by using a thinner item and then slowly progress to thicker as you improve. 

2. Get into your normal squat stance, step on the item, grab a pole/beam/flag pole, and slowly get down into your squat. 

3. Play around with the movement by swaying left to right, pressing your shin forward, and squatting up and down. Do whatever feels good, but MAKE SURE you can feel the heel throughout the duration of the movement. 

4. Do it for 30 seconds. 

See below: 

 You can also do this drill for split squats or any single leg movement. See below!

Happy squatting and #DITCHYOURSHOES!

Much love,




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