Integrated Deadlift Warm Up with Freeborn Training Systems

Posted on June 17th, 2016 to Contributors

Integrated Warm Up for the Deadlift from Pedestal Footwear on Vimeo.

     We met Stevan at The Fitness Summit this past April and were immediately impressed with his passion for training and how he applies his knowledge to his clients and his own programming.

     Our beliefs are similar in that movement is critical above all else. That being said, we recently read a quote from longtime friend and trainer Eric Cressey which we think applies to an ideal training methodology; 

Not all motion is good motion. Don’t celebrate full ROM unless it’s coming from the right places and is accompanied by sufficient stability.

     Movement & Motion, when done well, are the keys to staying healthy and improving strength. With the help of Stevan’s Warm Ups, and the support of Pedestal Footwear, we know you are well on your way to new PR’s.

     Happy Lifting & Keep Crushing!

     -The Pedestal Savages

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