Kettlebell Swing Progression | Kettlebell Training

Posted on June 17th, 2021 to Kettlebell Workouts

There are many reasons to love kettlebell training and the kettlebell swing is probably the most popular movement. There are also many ways to incorporate the swing into your workout routine and it all depends on what your goal is for the workout. You can include kettlebell swings as part of a warm up to groove the hinge movement before hitting heavy barbell deadlifts or as series of exercises in a HIIT style workout.

There are also many ways to do the movement wrong, such as squatting instead of hinging or cranking through the lower back instead of turning on the glutes. To keep things simple and have you swinging like a champ, we put together this video to go over the progressions of the swing.

  1. Keep the big toes planted into the ground
  2. Chop the hips
  3. Squeeze the shoulders back and down
  4. Hike the bell back and complete power swings (dead stop)
  5. Put it all together

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