Navy Seal Training Visit at Little Creek

Posted on November 10th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

In anticipation of Veterans Day, we are visiting the brave men and women whom serve this beautiful country at the US Navy Amphibious Base at Little Creek.

In the last twelve years the Amherst Football program has produced a Navy Seal nearly every other year and was something I considered attempting myself. 

When we started to develop our 1.0’s my Navy Seal buddies were the first people I contacted for product feedback. Keep in mind they receive thousands of offers to try new products and are constantly pitched endorsement deals so it meant a lot for my friends to be on board with Pedestal at such an early stage without hesitation. 

Just yesterday, I was invited to check out first hand a Navy Seal Strength & Conditioning session (no phones or cameras are allowed in the facility) and it was truly awesome. Their training facility is reminiscent to that of a D1 football program. Areas are dedicated to turf, squat racks, box jump platforms, kettlebells, anything you can possibly imagaine, all of which fills a massive metal hanger space (pretty much just a steel dome). They take it to the next level with an elevation room for high altitude training (the window of which is covered with competitions for pull ups, deadlifts, pro agility times, 3 mile runs and a whole host of other savage events). It reminded me of the Amherst weight room and for a brief moment I felt at home.

My friend then escorted me to their human perforamnce and rehab baracks to introduce me to their team and finally put faces to the emails that we have been exchanging. Their continued feedback over the last 12+ months has been instrumental as the new 2.0 has taken shape. Working one on one with their human performance coaches and rehabilitation specialists has not only helped us to understand the positive effects of training in Pedestals, but to continue to develop the most advanced tactical performance sock the world has ever seen.

We will be with the Navy Seals throughout the next couple of days at their US Navy Amphibious Base so if you have any questions or would like to send some positive thoughts their way feel free to email me at

Have a great day and Keep Crushing!


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