Best Grip Socks For Yoga

Best socks for yoga. Grip socks that are durable enough to handle all types of yoga.

From down dog to deadlifts, Pedestal Footwear has your feet covered. Replace those sticky yoga socks you bought on Amazon with the best yoga socks on the market. With a patented triangular grip pattern, Pedestals offer supreme traction no matter what style of yoga you prefer. Do you do yoga in socks or barefoot? If your answer is barefoot, you should check out our yoga socks for men AND women.

Why Wear Yoga Socks?

As you flow and transition through your yoga practice, it is important to have socks that can keep up. Whether you decide to use a yoga mat or carpet, these socks can handle any indoor surface. 


We understand that yoga is all about understanding movement quality and balance from the ground up. As the leader in barefoot training, we understand how important the feet are to the rest of the body. Restore and strengthen your feet with our BYB Program.


Our Non Slip Yoga Socks Let Your Feet Breathe

Knowing that the feet have over 250 thousand sweat glands, we made our socks moisture wicking and breathable. Taking a hot yoga class and having a pool of sweat in your socks is no fun.

Also important is that Pedestals are anti-microbial with a built in silver lining to eliminate odor and bacteria. This means that it is completely acceptable to wear them for multiple yoga practices before washing.

So, TL;DR - are yoga socks worth it? are they necessary?


Check out just how grippy they are in the video below: