The Best Socks For Yoga, Barre, & Pilates

From yoga to barre to Pilates, Pedestal Footwear has your feet covered. Replace those sticky yoga socks you bought on Amazon with a pair of high-performance Pedestals.
With a patented triangular grip pattern, Pedestals offer supreme traction no matter what style of workout you prefer. Our socks are available for men AND women. Pick up yours today. What do you have to lose?

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Why wear socks for yoga or other exercise classes?

As you flow and transition through your yoga practice, it is important to have socks that can keep up. Whether you decide to use a yoga mat or carpet, you need stability under your feet, and you want to stay clean.

We understand that yoga is all about movement quality and balance from the ground up. We also understand and appreciate how important the feet are to the rest of the body. Restore and strengthen your feet with our Build Your Base Program.

Try our socks for Pilates or barre

Pilates and barre are similar in that they both sound fun & look fairly easy when you’re watching from afar in your comfy sweatpants. So you sign up for a class. That’s when you realize that these “low-impact” forms of exercise are actually very strenuous workouts!

You’ll work muscles you never knew you had! The beauty of Pilates and barre fitness workouts is that you don’t need much equipment. But - the one thing that can really change the course of your exercise is wearing the proper footwear (we prefer socks).

Check out just how grippy they are in the video below:

Are socks required for Pilates, barre, and yoga?

Not necessarily. And maybe you don’t need them, but grippy, sticky socks allow you to have more control over your foot placement (an important aspect of each of these exercises). Clunky shoes can get in the way and being barefoot isn’t always the best or safest option.

Having a pair of non slip pilates socks is also a great way to avoid direct skin contact with the - sometimes very dirty - gym floor. In this day & age it’s important to note that Pedestal Footwear’s socks include a silver lining which removes the ability for germs & bacteria to grow.

So - are yoga socks worth it? are they necessary? YES!

Our socks let your feet breathe

Knowing that the feet have over 250 thousand sweat glands, we made our socks moisture wicking and breathable. Taking a hot yoga class and having a pool of sweat in your socks is no fun. Pedestals are anti-microbial with a built in silver lining to eliminate odor and bacteria. This means that it is completely acceptable to wear them for multiple yoga practices before washing.

Fine-Tune Your Workout

Getting into some curls, planks, or push-ups during your pilates class? Don’t slip and hurt yourself on that freshly waxed gym floor. Whether you’re attending a group class at your local studio or doing a virtual class in your basement or office, you’ll want a pair of socks with some non-slip features. These socks also work perfectly for power lifting and dead lifting.