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Pedestals Are The Best for Deadlifting & Powerlifting

Deadlifting can get intense, but it's a great way to improve and maintain raw power. Our socks will help you get the most out of your deadlifting session. Here's why --->

Pedestals Are Perfect For Pilates & Yoga Class

From barre class to your morning at-home 10 minute yoga session, Pedestal Footwear has you covered. Our socks are designed with 2020 in mind thanks to our bacteria & odor killing silver lining. Learn more --->

Now You Can Get Our Socks Wholesale!

Interested in ordering our socks in bulk with a custom logo or design? Now you can! Learn more on our Wholesale page and fill out our quick contact form with your email to get started! --->

Should I Do Pilates Barefoot or With Shoes?

Have you ever wondered about proper footwear for Pilates? In this post, we go over the pros of doing Pilates barefoot and why should consider trying your next calss in a pair of Pedestals --->

3 Reasons to Try Weightlifting Barefoot

The first benefit of ditching your shoes before hitting the gym to lift weights is that feeling of greater awareness and control of the specific muscle groups you are working. Also known as proprioception. Learn more --->

Finding the Right Socks to Wear for Crossfit

So you're in the market for some grippy socks to help you improve your crossfit training. In this post we will help you decide which factors are most important when determining which socks to buy. Learn more --->

Try These Workouts at Home...

Getting to the gym is tough in this day and age. In some states it's still impossible! But that's okay, we have you covered with some amazing, simple workouts that you can easily do from the comfort of your home. No hym equipment necessary. Learn more --->

Pedestals vs. Vibram 5 Finger

Which brand should you go with if you're searching for barefoot foot protection? In our Pedestal versus Vibram Five Fingers comparison, we'll explore how the two choices stack up. Learn more --->