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    Q: How often should I wash my Pedestals?

    Suggested washing is every 2-3 workouts. Silver treatment kills bacteria and lasts 50 washes. Wash cold and hang dry. 

    Q: How long does a pair last?

    We guarantee your Pedestals will last a minimum of 90 days. How savage you are in them and the type of surfaces you train on will dictate the longevity of the most advanced sock ever created. 

    Q: Do you sell to wholesale accounts?

    Yes, we do. Our terms are based on a minimum order of 50 pairs.

    Q: What if I drop a weight on my foot?

    You're screwed...but no more than if you wore any other sneaker/training shoe. Build Your Base!

    Q: Will Pedestals make me jump higher?


    Q: Will Pedestals increase my sex appeal?


    Q: Will Pedestals make me more savage?

    Overwhelmingly yes!