We Re-Imagined The Slip Resistant Hospital Sock

Hospital socks were long overdue for an upgrade

Patent pending grip design

Our hex grip design delivers unmatched traction for those slippery wooden stairs or slippery floors in your home.

Abrasion resistant fabric

Pedestals are used at home, but also by gym-goers as a replacement for shoes, so they have to be tough - and they are. Very tough.

Anti-bacterial lining

Don't worry about tracking germs from the floor, to your feet, to your couch or bed; the silver treatment lining in our socks kills bacteria for up to 50 washes.

Those old non-skid hospital socks just didn't cut it

Toss out your old, cheap non slip hospital socks (you probably got them for free anyways). If you’ve ever had a cheap pair of socks with treads on the bottom, you feel our pain (literally).

They only lasted a few wash cycles - if that

Whether you got them after an extended stay at the hospital, or if you had a pair of cheap athletic grip socks when you were younger to help with traction in sports or gymnastics; those poorly-made socks likely failed after about 2 or 3 runs through the wash.

Free hospital socks were actually BETTER than what was available to buy

Personally, I remember the sticky part of the socks I purchased back in the day tearing off pretty quickly… Surprisingly enough, the hospital socks I’ve used in the past have actually lasted longer than some other grippy socks I bought online.

Either way, my experience with these products was lackluster at best. That’s where Pedestals come in.

Finally - there's a better option out there for those who NEED a better "hospital sock"

No matter how many times you used them, you initially bought those sticky slipper socks for a reason. The hospital didn’t offer you grippy socks because they are fun or cool.

They give them out because they actually make a big difference! Traction is hugely important no matter your age or activity, and you want a pair of non-skid socks that are durable & built to last.

Meet the Pedestal:

offering abrasion resistant fabric, moisture wicking material, anti-bacterial silver lining, and a patent pending grip design.

Slip Resistant Hospital Socks Re-Imagined | Pedestal Footwear
Slip Resistant Hospital Socks Re-Imagined | Pedestal Footwear

"Our footwear of choice" - Jason, NY

New to non slip socks? Here’s why you should wear them at home:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are adapting to working from home. This means that we are spending MUCH more time in our houses. This also means that we’re walking around our homes or apartments more often, and our floors are likely getting dirtier by the day (I know mine is - it's just what happens when you’re confined to a space more often).

Non-slip socks not only give you traction after waxing that kitchen floor, but they are also anti-microbial. This means you won’t have to worry about slipping AND you can worry less about germs moving from your floor to your feet to your bed or couch.

Maybe slip resistant socks aren’t for you  

Okay so maybe you’re not the person who would benefit from sticky, grippy socks. Maybe the idea of needing some help just offends you. No worries. We get it. 

BUT - you can probably think of at least one person in your life who WOULD benefit from a pair of pedestals.

High quality, stylish, gripping hospital socks make a great gift for your loved ones!

Maybe it’s your great aunt who spends a worrying amount of time following her cat around the house.

Maybe it’s your pregnant wife or sister who goes up and down those slippery wooden stairs in your house everyday.

Or maybe it’s your beloved friend or family member with a disability which makes it difficult for them to navigate around at home safely.

These are all perfect examples of people who would appreciate a pair of Pedestals, even if they don’t know it yet!

Non-Skid Hospital Socks - Reimagined


Patent pending, non-slip design

Abrasion resistant fabric

Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal silver lining